What is Formal?

We believe formality is in fact a mix between an individualistic concept and a social setting. It is a subjective sense of style that differs from one person to another, based on one´s overall sensitivity and flair, embodying and being influenced by the social innuendos of a given time.

This concept of “formal” no longer has rigid boundaries. As we the people are becoming consistently more prone to finding our true selves without the barriers of yesterday, so we seek and build our own new concepts of what is, for us, the New Formal.


PERKS aims to address this new wave of individuals that value the timeless appeal of a well made, seamless pair of shoes that also embodies unique personality and differentiation.

PERKS 1942

PERKS 1942 is the brand line that reinvents iconic classic shoes. Designed for men and women who are Confident and sophisticated, this exclusive line represents flawless elegance with a twist.

The avant-garde redesign of the classics represents the perfect balance between originality and sophistication. All PERKS 1942 shoes are made to be intemporal and present themselves as real lasting objects of desire.


PERKS Today is the most contemporary, dynamic line of the PERKS brand.

Trying to anticipate trends, PERKS Today uses irreverence and creativity to ‘channel’ the desire for self-affirmation. Creating capsule collections with talents from across all origins, it is a lab where there is a constant commitment with evolution and a place where creativity is key.

Updated every season with new creations and partnerships, Today is the edgier brother of PERKS brands.  It brakes boundaries and established habits to innovate and stand out from the crowd.

It's less constricted than PERKS 1942, yet respects the same core values as its brother, embracing the mission of reinventing the classics but with more freedom and integration of exterior visions.