Evereste, parent company of PERKS, is 75 years old and we – the latest generation of a family business – have a deep respect for the previous generations legacy, advice and endorsement. We believe that the knowledge, attitude and values passed across 4 generations are our most important capital.

This is a conservative, tenacious and bold family. The qualities we most appreciate are honesty, openness and loyalty. We believe that having the capacity of putting ourselves in another’s place and treating them with humbleness generates empathy and strongly contributes for solving problems in a easier and more successful way.

We try hard to implement a differentiated approach to products development thus we do not believe in typification. We think that the same person throughout the day and life can acquire distinct identities, related to the context, the environment and occasion.

PERKS’ brand promise is quality assurance, individuality and distinction. That’s why you can find in our shoes handmade details, risky finishings, cast and serrations you will not find anywhere else.

Our shoes are built in a compromise of design, comfort and ergonomics, as a matter of fact, a kind of PERKS, the kind you like and deserve!