Agender sees its meaning in the undefinition of genres. Don’t be confused. Open your mind. It’s a word that characterizes audacious people who call themselves “without gender”, without limits and without preconceived ideas. In the past, Yves Saint Laurent, master of provocation, shocked the world by dressing a woman with a masculine suit. Now the barriers between male and female are overturned, several orientations arise and a diffuse membrane is created where style isn’t dictated by fractions of society. And this philosophy lives in Perks DNA.

teddy girl

Teddy Girls or also known by Judies, created a very personal identity, separating completely themselves of its own time. They adopted the Teddy Boys style, wearing suits and hairstyles that at that time were related to the male universe. They were perhaps the drivers of a new thinking about the way of dressing. And why a woman cannot wear a suit?


We all know a girl who instead of following the social norms for women, when she was a child she liked cars instead of barbies, and she preferred to go with boys rather than with girls. And we’re talking about this girl, this tomboy who doesn’t care about stereotypes and lives life in a loose way, like Cara Delevingne, Carolina de Maigret, Mica Arganaraz, among many others.


Is it a man or is it a woman? Androgen is a concept that generates a sense of confusion when we look at someone and we’re in doubt whether we associate them with one gender or the other. It’s someone who doesn’t live to think inside of the box but out of it and is a powerful player with agender abilities. We can talk about Andreja Pejić, Tilda Swinton, Ruby Rose, Agyness Deyn, among others.

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