Having trouble picking an outfit for a friend’s wedding? We can help you! There are so many different themed weddings that one can feel overwhelmed when it comes to deciding what to wear, but fear not, we are here to help. Just keep on reading.



Featuring lots of florals, wooden pallets and vintage details, rustic weddings have a relaxed, boho vibe about them. They usually take place in barns, or maybe outdoor, and you can expect a kind of self-service buffet format. This is why you don’t have to think much about what to wear on the wedding day: keep it laidback and casual. Men can go for a simple white shirt and the ladies can opt for a casual dress paired with accessories. As for footwear, your Perks brown boots or even sneakers should be just perfect.





Industrial weddings are becoming a trend. Usually held in lofts or warehouses with exposed bricks, they feature lots of wire, metal and modern decorative elements. These weddings are usually very eclectic and you have to dress up for the moment. For the gentlemen, we suggest a minimalist and elegant look, powered by Perks military-style boots or a pair of all-black strap shoes. For the ladies, we would recommednd a black and white agender style outfit, complemented with a pair of our loafers.




There are still many traditional and stereotypical dream weddings happening out there, they typically take place in hotels, ballrooms and conference halls. These weddings tend to be formal, with conventional decorative elements and floral arrangements. Which is why a classic suit or even a tuxedo paired with your favourite derby or oxford shoes will be a match made in heaven. Just remember: forget denim and sneakers. As for the ladies, you know this is the time to wear that beautiful elegant dress that’s been hanging in your closet and to crack out the heels.