Forget the sockless look. This fall is all about good-looking socks that build up any suited-up or casual outfit. From simple and neutral, to the most colorful and funny designs, the possibilities are endless. So, if you haven’t given much thought to what you wear on your feet, it’s time to pick the right statement socks to complement your style, every day of the week!

Pair bright socks with a suit

If you are a suited-up man, start rethinking your monotonous socks game and get with the times. First of all, make sure that the same level of quality and refinement of your suit applies to your socks. Secondly, try to be bold! A pair of bright, colourful socks can easily update the most formal outfits.
Our tip: If you’re pants are tweed or gray, you can pretty much wear any colour you want.

Wear sport socks for a relaxed look

When it comes to wearing sport socks, you have many options. Since Balenciaga and Vetements started to bring fashion’s focus back on functionality, sportswear is no longer just the athlete’s choice. There are many brands out there, from sport-specific options like Nike, Puma or Adidas to high fashion ones. Plus, they are genderless!
Our tip: Wear your sport socks with shorts, skirts or crop jeans, you can never go wrong.

Add some humor to your day

Stripes, fruits, dots, argyles, emojis – you name it! This season the only limit is your imagination! Socks are a true fashion accessory these days. Brands such as Happy Socks and Jollie Goods start launching modern and fashion-conscious collections that instantly elevates your personal style.
Our tip: Don’t be afraid to express yourself, add some colour to your feet and show it to the world!


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