When the season changes, trends change too. We move from the cold to the heat, but we also come to redefine a sophisticated and confident style around new lines and vibrant colors. And in this transition, we take the opportunity to look at the ones we think are more relevant when thinking about what to wear.



Heat leads to warm colors, and warm colors lead to yellow. There is no better color that brings back memories of summer than yellow. It’s a wise choice to create a vibrant and restless look.


The seaside style and the nautical, in our opinion, never go out of style. Especially when we talk about looks where reign the stripes that vibrate on a white background.

shoulders game


Uncovered in a mix between innocence and sensuality or structured through exaggerated forms, the shoulders are the focus of any outfit of this new season.



They can be baroque or minimalist, it’s true that floral patterns or even patch appliqués have been a trend since winter and it turns our wardrobe into an authentic garden!

trench coat



The trench coat, originally invented by Tommy Burberry, has always been an icon, but this summer the format is rethought and created around fluid forms, almost in a robe format.



Perhaps one of the boldest options, but we cannot stop talking about the metallics. Gold, silver or with color, it doesn’t matter, the metallic will allow you to stand out in the crowd.