Two feet. Lots of moods. And so many shoes models to put on. When it comes the time to choose shoes, the task isn’t easy. We immerse ourselves in a chaotic environment where colors, materials and styles make us lose focus on what matters: comfort and quality.


The day to day and the routine, lead us to a fast and frenetic pace. To accompany you these days the best footwear is undoubtedly the sneakers. But don’t fret! The style doesn’t have to stay out of the question when there are so many formats and options to respond to every occasion.

apron toe

Still in a casual tone, we also have the apron toe shoes, with a rounded shape and a continuous seam.

slip on

On the last minute, slip-on shoes are practical and uncomplicated. Just choose your look side by side with your footwear and in minutes you’re ready to leave home.


In a more classic tone, we have the loafers, which are basically like the slip-on with a structure that resembles the moccasin. They’re the most appropriate shoes if you look for a comfortable look, but without putting aside the elegance.


In a more formal tone, we also have the oxford shoes which as the name implies, brings with it an elegant English style, which can be combined in a casual or more sophisticated look.


Similar to the previous format, but no, they aren’t the same, since this shoe has an open lapel unlike the oxfords. However, what they have in common is the elegance and the cut that is practical and adaptable to your style.

monk strap

As an intermediate between oxford and derby, the monk strap shoes instead of laces has cleats that close the shoes. Yet with an elegant shape, this alternative shoes emanates a stylish and hipster sense.