When we create our footwear models, inspiration can come from anywhere. Of the trips we make, of the books and magazines we read, of suggestions and conversations with our clients and friends, or even of any detail that arouses our attention. But our brand goes far beyond the product. Perks is preseverance, audacity, lifestyle. And, in the construction of this whole universe, the cinematic imagery has always been one of our main references.

These are the three movies that influenced the Perks world:


Soon to be the release of the second film in the Kingsman saga, we remember the lifestyle, the exemplary wardrobe and, of course, the shoes of the agents of this secret organization. The sophistication of the 60s inspired us to revitalize our old models and to build the Perks universe.

A Single Man

In a more introspective record, the first movie by fashion designer Tom Ford begins by reflecting on the importance of how we behave and what we choose to wear in our day to day lives. Throughout the narrative, the protagonist George (Colin Firth), wears a perfect cut suit with shiny black and perfectly cared oxford shoes.


The Wild One

Marlon Brando, or ‘The Wild One’, is an icon of style that has influenced generations through is layd-back attitude, rebellion and courage of his character Johnny Strabler. Throughout the film, the seductive and fearless protagonist wears a leather jacket and drives a Triumph Thunderbird 6T of 1950, classic and timeless symbols well present in the imagery of our brand.

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