We must admit, most of the hours of our days are spent right in the center of the city. And the city is like a jungle, but made of skyscrapers, traffic and crowds! To survive all this city chaos, there are essentials items that make our day better.

Yes, the subway widen its map day after day, but… with this situation, more people travels in it and there’ll be more confusion! Why not go cycling to work? In addition to avoiding the subway chaos, you will exercise and enjoy the city in its calmer state.

Increasingly, we isolate ourselves in our personal bubbles and don’t interact with what surrounds us. But sometimes, we leave the office and we want to relax and listen to some music. So, never forget to bring the headphones with you!

With the chaos set in the city and the feeling that we have to be prepared for any circumstances, it proves that a handbag maybe isn’t the best option to carry your personal objects. Nowadays the variety of backpacks is so big that you will surely find something to fit your style… and you will have the advantage of walking with hands free!

When the sun shines or when we’re so sleepy, the best option is to take some sunglasses. From the rounder ones to the aviator shape, and passing through the eccentrics (check the previous article) you will surely find a model that favors your features and… needs!

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