Perks – The Brand

Drawing inspiration from the reinterpretation of the classic male shoe, Perks couples innovation and 75 years of experience and know how to design timeless, versatile shoes. Designed and produced in the Evereste shoe factory, in S. João da Madeira, the brand embodies the multidisciplinary and disruptive vision of four creative generations, while aiming at representing added value and substantiating leverage in its area.

Comfort, elevated quality and attention to detail are its distinctive traits – Perks shoes are the perfect ‘accomplices’ in the lifestyle of cosmopolitan men and women. Built to take on the challenges of hectic urban life, they meet very strict resistance and durability criteria, offering both sophistication and comfort all day long. Brought forth by the evolution and change of the renowned Cohibas brand, Perks is represented by the sea horse, a symbol of the brand’s core values: audacity, perseverance and credibility. Its heritage and adaptability take form in the development of two new lines that are both distinct and complementary – Perks 1942 and Perks TODAY.

In celebration of its 75 years of tradition in the shoe making art, Perks 1942 has reinvented iconic male shoes. Designed for men and women who are con dent and sophisticated, this exclusive line represents awless, timeless elegance. Born at the hands of experienced artisan masters, Perks 1942 takes shape from a palette of natural, high quality leather, and models are available in the Oxford, Derby, Monk strap, Loafer, Dress, Chukka and Chelsea boots versions.

Perks TODAY is the most functional, contemporary segment of the brand. Trying to anticipate trends, this line uses irreverence and creativity to ‘channel’ the desire for self-af rmation at different times of daily life. Designed for the intense life of modern, urban men and women, the TODAY line is represented by unique, casual and sporty shoes.

One Brand. Two Lines.

The Lady & The Stylish Man

Having deconstructed the iconic male shoe models, Perks 1942 introduces timeless and androgynous elegance. The Lady & The Stylish Man collection explores contrasts and dualities between men and women, past and future. Nodding at the irreverence of 50’s Teddy Girls and the uniqueness of the 60’s Dandies, this collection is a reinterpretation of references that have made history in the shoe industry.

The avant-garde design of Perks 1942’s shoes and accessories represents the perfect balance between extravagance and sophistication. The sumptuousness of textures and the exuberance of details create an unexpected impact in a sober palette where nude, blue and pastel tones take the stage. Classic models with long toecaps represent, historically, a status sign, resulting in a minimalist and seductive look. The loafer versions inherit aristocratic singularity and nesse, and are outstandingly contemporary.

Designed to adapt comfortably to foot contour, the silhouette of the shoe is complemented by a curatorship of elevated quality leathers and nished with resistant leather sole. Perks 1942 shoes are designed to keep up with the lifestyle of modern men and women who take pride in their appearance and value exclusivity and uniqueness.

1942 Collection

5 days a week. It’s Complicated!

Infusing the lifestyle of urban men and women with a new sense of momentum, Perks Today showcases a casual, striking identity.

The ’5 days a week – It’s Complicated!’ bold colour palette goes from faded to vibrant colours. Extravagant textures are played against sparkling gems and golden details, instilling a sense of coolness and irreverence in the Spring – Summer 17 collection.

Designed for people looking for comfort and functionality without compromising personal style, Perks Today couples tradition and innovative design to create casual, sporty shoe models. Because the best way to welcome the sun is to coordinate a new pair of shoes with attitude and energy, the brand anticipates trends that will adapt seamlessly to the many scenarios and moments throughout the day, be it a business meeting, a brunch with friends or a family walk in the city.

Morning – Don’t fight it – Good Morning!
Lunch – Yum! Fresh and Tasty!
Afternoon – Sorry – Out of Office
Dinner – Cheers! Happy Hour time
Evening – Perfect for dates – who, me?

Today Collection